Runs and highlights: Mexico 5-0 Puerto Rico in 2022 Caribbean Series
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Game on!

Mexico blanked Puerto Rico, thus adding its second victory in the 2022 Caribbean Series.

Tomorrow, in the last day of the preliminary round, the Charros - who have a 2-2 record - will seek to seal their qualification; on the other hand, the Criollos will try to say goodbye with a victory, after accumulating four defeats, results that have already eliminated them.

9 | Up

Mexico does not do any damage in the last inning, but is three outs away from its second victory of the tournament.

7 | Down

Mexico continues to do quite well defensively; Puerto Rico did not do any damage in the seventh inning either.

7 | Up

Esteban Quiroz, Joey Meneses and Victor Mendoza are dominated; Mexico goes scoreless in the seventh inning.

6 | Down

Agustin Murillo singles to left field; Felix Perez scores Mexico's fifth run.

6 | Up

Agustin Murillo singles to left field; Felix Perez scores Mexico's fifth run.

6 | Up

Puerto Rico changes its pitcher again: Carlos Francisco comes in for Fernando Cruz.

5 | Down

Puerto Rico continues to have no timely hitting; now, it leaves the house full at the end of the fifth inning.

5 | Up

Once again, Mexico's hitters did no harm; this time it was Esteban Quiroz, Joey Meneses and Victor Mendoza.

4 | Down

Juan Centeno, Johneshwy Fargas and Rey Fuentes are also dominated in a row; Puerto Rico remains scoreless after four complete innings.

4 | Up

Agustín Murillo, Fernando Flores and José Cardona are retired in a row; Mexico goes scoreless in this fourth inning.

3 | Down

Joey Meneses controls David Vidal's fly ball, ending the third inning. Puerto Rico continues without a runner on the scoreboard; this time they left runners on the corners.

3 | Up

He finishes his third at bat, but Mexico has increased its lead to 4 on the board.

This was their third run.

3 | Up

Japhet Amador singles with a line drive to center field; Victor Mendoza grounds out to third base and Esteban Quiroz scores Mexico's fourth run.

3 | Up

Puerto Rico changes pitchers: Fernando Cruz relieves Oscar de la Cruz.

With one out, Mexico has runners on second and third base.

3 | Up

Victor Mendoza hits a double with a grounder to right field; Esteban Quiroz grounds out to third base and Jose Cardona scores Mexico's third run.

2 | Down

With a double to Rey Fuentes and Roberto Pérez, the second inning ends for Puerto Rico. Mexico's lead is maintained.

2 | Up

Mexico ends its second inning of batting by leaving a runner on base.

1 | Down

Nick Struck ends up dominating Puerto Rico, who leaves two runners on base. After a full inning, Mexico is up.

1 | Up

Oscar de la Cruz overpitches Victor Mendoza, Joey Meneses and Japhet Amador, ending the first at-bat for Mexico, the ninth that is up on the scoreboard.

1 | Up

Home run! Esteban Quiroz hits a two-run home run to right field. Mexico is already up 2-0.

1 | Up

First inning and first single. José Cardona grounded out to first base after a grounder to shortstop.


Oscar de la Cruz, of Puerto Rico, on the mound; José Cardona, of Mexico, at bat.

What's next?

After today's game, tomorrow they will play the last day; Mexico will face Panama, while Puerto Rico will face Colombia.

Puerto Rico: confirmed lineup

1 | Brett Rodríguez - 2B

2 | Vimael Machín - 1B

3 | Emmanuel Rivera - SS

4 | David Vidal - 3B

5 | Juan Centeno - C

6 | Johneshwy Fargas - CF

7 | Rey Fuentes - RF

8 | Roberto Pérez - DH

9 | Roby Enríquez - LF

Mexico: confirmed lineup

1 | Jose Cardona - CF

2 | Esteban Quiroz - 2B

3 | Joey Meneses - LF

4 | Víctor Mendoza - 1B

5 | Japhet Amador - DH

6 | Felix Perez - RF

7 | Isaac Rodriguez - SS

8 | Agustin Murillo - 3B

9 | Fernando Flores - C

Puerto Rico depends on results

Meanwhile, after the loss to Venezuela, Ramón Vázquez acknowledged that they have fallen short, which has meant that they no longer depend on themselves to advance: "There are two games left, it is not what we wanted and now we have to depend on what the other teams do, because things are no longer in our hands. But we have to move forward, try to win the remaining games and hope that the other results help us".

Mexico, to stay alive

Yesterday, after the victory against Colombia, manager Roberto Vizcarra spoke of the relevance of today's game: "It was a great game, we urgently needed this victory to stay in the competition, tomorrow we must go out with the same attitude because it is a key game and if we can get a 2-2 record we will have good chances of advancing to the semifinals on the last day."

Puerto Rico's starting pitcher

Dominican Oscar de la Cruz will also make his debut in this competition.

Mexico's starting pitcher

North American Nick Struck will make his first start of the tournament.  

Let's get started!

In almost an hour, the Mexican and Puerto Rican teams will face each other; it will be their penultimate game in this round of the 2022 Caribbean Series.

If they do not win this afternoon, they will have practically no chance of advancing to the next phase.

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Present of Puerto Rico

Meanwhile, the team coached by Ramón Vázquez is in sixth and last place with a 0.000 fielding percentage, having lost all three of its games. They have 7 runs for and 12 against.

Mexico's current situation

The ninth team led by Roberto Vizcarra is in fifth place, with a productivity of .333, after one win and two losses. They have scored 3 runs and conceded 8.

How are they coming?

On Sunday, in their third game of the competition, Mexico took away Colombia's undefeated record after beating them 1-0 with a home run by Felix Perez.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico fell 4-2 against Venezuela; Nelson Velázquez and Edwin Díaz scored after a single by Emmanuel Rivera.

Charros and Criollos, not to be left out

This Monday afternoon, the representatives of Mexico and Puerto Rico will face each other in what will be a game of vital importance for both, as they need a victory to keep their chances of reaching the next phase of the tournament.

Competition format

The 2022 Caribbean Series has two stages:

- Preliminary round: the six countries are placed in a group and will face their five rivals only once.

- Knockout stage: the four best-placed teams will advance after each has played its five games. The qualified teams will play the semifinals and the winners of the semifinals will play the final. Everything will be a single game.

Who will participate in the 2022 Caribbean Series?

The four clubs that were champions of the last tournament of the teams belonging to the confederation are:

- Mexico: Charros de Jalisco.

- Puerto Rico: Criollos de Caguas.

- Dominican Republic: Gigantes del Cibao.

- Venezuela: Navegantes del Magallanes.

While the invited teams are:

- Colombia: Caimanes de Barranquilla.

- Panama: Astronautas de Los Santos.

What is the Caribbean Series?

This tournament is a professional baseball event disputed by the champion teams of the leagues of the countries that make up the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation, as well as some invited teams.

The current edition is the 64th in history and is being held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, specifically at the Quisqueya Stadium. It began on January 28 and will end on February 3.

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