The 15th Finantial Technology and Innovation Conference start in Miami
Cl@b 2015 starting conference

The 15th Financial Technology and Innovation Conference in Miami has started. During this event we are going to be sharing experiences about the impact of technology and innovation to drive earnings growths for the technological and financial industry and with the chance of meeting experienced technology investors can guide our platform to success in the United States.

Under the title "The impact of technology and innovation to obtain growth in the financial industry", the main Congress of the financial sector of the region will bring together leading companies providing services and technology.

Where is the event?

This time the meeting place will be the InterContinental Hotel in Downtown Miami.

What are the goals of the Congress?

The main objective of the Congress is to publicize the trends of the technological industry, its needs and the technological innovations that have been incorporated in the different solutions.

Mr. Gabriel Camargo, CEO of IngeniousSoftworks, will be presenting the latest trends in gamification tech, at a conference entitled: "Psychologically segment customers: The key behind a successful Gamification strategy", to show how make the user more inside your technology can disrupt your market.

It is in this context that experts in technology and online marketing of all the world and the managers partners will be presenting their platform and invite everyone to discover the latest trends.