Introducing VAVEL Images: a global sports stock marketplace

The technological platform developed by VAVEL aims to provide a solution for the global sports photography sector, with the ultimate goal of becoming a place for the photographers who want to monetize their images.

VAVEL Images, the marketplace for sports photographic sales

"Goal is VAVEL Images be able to provide the highest quality professional images in the US."

The platform will be directed by renowned American photographer Charles Winslow, winner of the New York Times Photographer of the Year award in 2014 and former coordinator of the photographic division of the NFL Network.

Rhe 2014 New York Times Photographer of the Year will manage VAVEL Images
2014 New York Times Photographer of the Year Charles Winslow will manage VAVEL Images

Born in Virginia, Winslow has worked for Sony Records, Loyd Records and the Obama Foundation as well as personalities such as Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Jay-Z, Spike Lee and Alicia Keys.

VAVEL Images already has photographers registered in more than 10 countries and is accessible on

With the advice of several agents with many decades of experience in the sports photography sector, VAVEL Images will work with a business model that favors the creator of photographic content with 70% of revenue from each sale and 30% for the platform.

The photographer will receive immediate payment for each transaction through his Paypal account. Expenses for programming, maintenance and cloud storage space will be covered by VAVEL.

Use of cutting-edge technologies and geolocation

The platform has been developed with cutting-edge technologies that ensure a surprising fast user experience, uploading photos and sales process, cybersecurity and allowing each photographer's profile to be controlled from mobile devices. Also, the option of having a widget to embed their sales profile beyond the platform.

The display of photos and albums is based on the user's geolocation, in a long tail photography model.

Anywhere in the world, the client will be able to buy in their local currency while the results will be filtered, using top-notch technologies, near their geographical location.


Since its launch, VAVEL Images will have strategic partnerships with professional clubs and leagues all over the world to become their photographic marketplace. These partnerships, including an American professional league, will be announced soon.

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