Decision 2016: Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Sail To Victory In New Hampshire Primaries

UPDATE (9:55 p.m.) - CNN and multiple media outlets are projecting that Ohio Governor John Kasich will take second place in the Republican New Hampshire Primary. He is currently sitting at 16% of the vote with 41% of precincts reporting. On the Democratic side, Hilary Clinton has officially conceded to Bernie Sanders, with both candidates having already given their speeches.

According to the Associated Press and multiple media outlets, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are projected to win the New Hampshire Primaries. The call was made right as the majority of the polls closed, which is fairly early for a call to be made.

The current numbers, with less than 10% of Republican precincts reporting, have Trump leading the race with 33% of the vote, with John Kasich in second place with 17% of the vote. Jeb Bush sits in third place, with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz rounding out the top five.  

On the Democratic side, Sanders jumped out to the lead and has led the whole way. He was leading heavily in the polls, which makes sense when you realize that this is the Vermont senator's home turf. The current numbers have Clinton not even winning one county, which would be a huge boon for Sanders. CNN is reporting that Clinton is preparing a concession speech, which should be delivered shortly.

Following his victory speech, Sanders will head to New York, where he will make the talk show rounds tomorrow, beginning with The View and ending with the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The battle for second place on the Republican side is still important as New Hampshire gives delegates proportional to the amount of votes a candidate receives. This will keep the race for second interesting because candidates will want to get as many delegates as possible. The current numbers have the gap from second to fourth at just 6%, which can rapidly change as more numbers come in.

After tonight, the Democrats will turn their attention to Nevada, while the Republicans will head to South Carolina to campaign. Both the Nevada Caucus and the South Carolina Primaries will take place on February 20th. Following that, the Republicans will head to Nevada, while Democrats will turn their attention to South Carolina.

This is a developing story, stay with VAVEL USA for continuing coverage throughout the night as more results come in.