Why Aren't You Watching This: Scream Queens
Meet the CHanels. Annoying, stuck up, and good characters despite all of that. image source "hercampus.com"

"Scream Queens" is a show about a snobby sorority club that has been targeted by a killer for an unknown reason. The killer is aptly named "The Red Devil" because he is actually dressed like a red devil. The show is cheesy, the characters are somewhat annoying and stereotypical, and the show is a must watch.

Chanel #3(left) CHanel #1 (middle) and Chanel #5 (right)
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Normally when you have a character that is beyond obnoxious and stuck up as lead character Chanel Number 1 is (Played by American Horror Story and We are the Millers' Emma Roberts) they are usually not liked. And she is not. She is everything that people detest about rich, spoiled girls, but that doesn't mean the Roberts isn't a good character. Emma Roberts does a masterful job making you hate her. She is so arrogant that she actually named the other women closest to her (who are also annoying and stuck up) after herself with an added number depending on their importance. When you first hear her call someone Chanel Number 2 or Chanel Number 5, you can't help but laugh because it's hilarious.

What makes these characters and their shtick not get tired is that they get what they deserve. Whether it's their plans constantly backfiring, constantly living in the fear of possibly being murdered, accuses of being a killer, or being kicked out of school before they can graduate, the Chanels are not living the good life that they are accustomed to. So while you may think "OH, Gawd, I wish something bad would happen to them", all you have to wait a little while and it will probably happen.

Denise (Niecy Nash) is another character who adds more to the show.
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Besides the Chanels, the sorority (Kappa Kappa Tau) the pledges consist of Zayday and Grace who are good characters, but aren't so good that they will keep you watching. This show is too silly to focus on the "normal" people. It's all about the random characters. There's Denise Hemphill. A hired security officer who is terrible at her job but will tell you she's great at it. Chad (head of Dickie Dollar Scholars golfing fraternity), Chanel Number 1's on again off again snobby rich boyfriend who pretty much had sex with everyone (including Denise). My personal favorite is Dean Munsch. Munsch fits right in with this self righteous cast of characters. She is actually worse than the rest of them because she is older and should be acting like a dean and helping the kids instead of trying to ruin their lives.

Scream Queens is a series definitely worth checking out and following. It isn't exactly Shakespeare, but it is worth the hour to check out. It makes fun of all the rules you aren't supposed to break in a horror movie and also makes fun of itself. The story is fluid, the writing is great, and the show is most of all entertaining. Check it out.

Who is The Red Devil
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