VAVEL UK editor
Harry Robinson
Head of Content at VAVEL UK
Aaron Irwin
Formula 1 editor, Football League co-editor at VAVEL UK. Writer since July 2014. Hull City correspondent. Journalism degree at Hull School of Art and Design.
Aaron Stokes
Author of VAVEL English
Adam Bailey
Everton editor, who also covers cycling and athletics.
Ameé Ruszkai
Head of the Sunderland, Swansea City and women football sections at VAVEL UK. Email: [email protected]
Anthony Distler
27 year old that has been obsessed with the game of golf since his grandfather taught him how to hold a club at the age of four. Will blog for food.
Bianca Verar
Author of VAVEL English
Charlie Malam
Sports Journalist at Staffordshire University. Liverpool FC editor. Contributing to VAVEL UK since June 2014. https://charliemalam.com/.
Chris Blakely
Chris is an American sports journalist based out of Seattle, Washington. Co-Editor of the soccer section of VAVEL USA. He also is the leading editor of VAVEL USA's NWSL section.
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes is a third-year Sports Journalism at Southampton Solent University who is the co-editor of VAVEL USAs NBA section. He also contributes to Fansideds Thunderous Intentions.
Conor de Smith
Trying to make it in journalism. Contributing to VAVEL since July 2013.
Daniel Orme
A Sports Journalist with a passion for football and Leicester City.
Daniel Pinder
VAVEL UK Editor-in-Chief
Grace Cooper
Co-editor of the VAVEL USA tennis section and British tennis journalist from England.
Harry Robinson
Manchester United Editor at VAVEL UK since 2013. England and Wales Editor for Euro 2016 and English youth football man. Youth Football Coach at AFST Southgate. Host of the Manchester United Weekly Podcast. Your man at AcademyManUtd.
Author of VAVEL English.
Jack Haugh
Freelance sports writer, specialising in tennis.
Jack Mceachen
Trainee Sports Journalist at Staffordshire University.
Jason Coldiron
Author of VAVEL English
Joel Lampkin
Sports Journalism at Chester University, Professional wrestling writer.Contact [email protected]
Jonathan Walsh
SoccerSight IFA commentator. VAVEL deputy editor-in-chief/VAVEL Bundesliga editor-in-chief and writer. Email: [email protected]
Kyle Sennikoff
Author of VAVEL English
Liam McMahon
American sports journalist based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who has been affiliated with VAVEL for more than a year. Co-editor of the soccer section at VAVEL USA and international football writer at VAVEL UK.
Matthew Wilkinson
Huddersfield University in Sports Journalism. Twitter- MC_Wilkinson1
Max Gao
Max Gao is a young, sports writer specializing in tennis, who has also written on the Rogers Cup website as a guest contributor in the past.
Michael Stokoe
Author of VAVEL English.
Noel John Alberto
Filipino-American sports journalist from Toms River, NJ. UMBC Graduate and aspiring physical therapist. Tennis editor and multi-sport coordinator for VAVEL USA. Writer for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Serie A sections of VAVEL UK. Sports aficionado. Host of The First Serve and Ball Don't Lie Podcasts
Oliver Emmerson
Deputy editor-in-chief.
Pete Borkowski
Tennis has always been my obsession. What better way to channel that obsession than writing about it? After 18 months of blogging with Sportsblog.com as the writer of A Fan Obsesseds blog, all the while completing my Bachelors in history and French, I joined VAVEL so that I can better share my love and knowledge of tennis with the world.
Sam France
Editor and sports writer, writing for VAVEL UK since May 2014. Middlesbrough and Durham CCC fan.
Sam Smith
Football writer with a passion for English and youth football, often combined. Writer for VAVEL UK since January 2016, editor since March 2016. Crystal Palace fan.
Stevie Larson
NASCAR Editor, Minnesota sports fan. Contact: [email protected]
Sully Akbari
Sully is a journalist who covers the NBA and is the Lead NBA Editor for VAVEL USA. Humber College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sully resides in Toronto but is loyal fan of all-things Houston. His heart is with Houston but his Soul remains in Toronto. You can reach him through email at [email protected] and Twitter: @Sully_i3
Tom Hiscott
Author of VAVEL English.