Cool Hand Luke Humphries claims second Premier League night win in Nottingham
(Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images) 

Luke Humphries secured the win in the final against Nathan Aspinall at Nottingham's Motorpoint Arena in night seven of the BetMGM Darts Premier League.

Michael van Gerwen topped the table going into last night with 15 points to his name and a three point lead over his rivals.

The Dutchman won three in a row earlier on in the tournament in Berlin, Glasgow and Newcastle which gave him a big advantage ahead of night seven.

Just below the Green Machine sat Luke Humphries with 12 points, closely followed by Luke Littler and Rob Cross in the play-off spots.

However, struggling at the bottom was Gerwyn Price and Peter Wright, who opened the night in the first quarter-final in Nottingham.

Champion of the world Luke Humphries comfortably took night six in Brighton last Thursday evening, beating Price with six legs to two in the quarter-final, before facing Rob Cross winning 6-3 and taking the title against Michael Smith in the final.

Darts Premier League Night 7 - Nottingham

Quarter Final One - Peter Wright 6-5 Gerwyn Price

Gerwyn Price opened the first leg in style with two maximum scores of 180, taking the lead against Peter Wright's hold of throw.

The game continued very evenly, locked at three legs each after six.

Missing doubles to close the legs were a big problem for both players as the match went on, keeping the game tight between the bottom two in the table.

However, the Iceman got the first sight of the finish line when he won in the ninth leg making it 5-4.

Peter "Snakebite" Wright made it level soon after, going into the final leg against the throw.

Wright did enough in the 11th leg to win the match and claim his first two points on the board in Nottingham.

Gerwyn Price finished the game with a 96.69 average score, which proved not enough for the winner with 103.33.

Both competitors got five maximums each across the match.

The Iceman looked frustrated after the blue dart of Peter Wright's nestled in the double 20 to win, clearly being frustrated with his lack of ability to finish the legs with 5 out of 24 missed match darts.

Quarter Final Two - Michael Smith 4-6 Luke Humphries 

A repeat of last week's final saw the current World Champion and 2023's world number one face each other.

"Cool Hand" Luke Humphries opened the game with a 180 before taking the first leg making it 1-0.

The first three legs followed the throws of the match, Humphries taking a two to one lead.

Momentum followed in the World Champion's favour across the next two legs but was stopped in quick succession when Bully Boy made it 4-2 in the sixth leg.

Michael Smith came back from Humphries' lead with three back-to-back leg wins making it four a piece.

However this wasn't enough to take the points from Cool Hand Luke who shone on the oche in this one.

Humphries finished the match with a 103.51 average across three darts, with Michael Smith only scoring a 90.31 average.

The World Champion lived up to his Cool Hand name with 75% of his match darts (6/8) going in ultimately winning him the second quarter final of the night.

Quarter Final Three - Luke Littler 6-2 Michael van Gerwen

Teenage phenomenon Luke "The Nuke" Littler took on Michael van Gerwen last night in Nottingham following his first win in his Euro Tour debut last weekend in the Blåkläder Belgian Darts Open.

The Green Machine has struggled in the last two weeks with a shoulder problem, falling short at the first hurdle in night five and six.

Luke Littler took the opening leg against the darts.

MVG soon got back into the game, making it two legs each after the first four.

With three incredible legs following this deadlock, Luke Littler made it 5-2 before nearly taking the game with a nine darter, just missing the double 12 in leg eight.

Mighty Michael van Gerwen showed his appreciation for the young talent after gracefully losing six legs to two, finishing his game with a 110.94 average.

Luke The Nuke recorded a fantastic 114 average across the eight legs with eight maximum visits to the board.

Quarter Final Four - Rob Cross 5-6 Nathan Aspinall

The last quarter final of the night was between Rob Cross and Nathan Aspinall, which Rob Cross took the lead in the first leg.

Cross could not hold on to this lead for long though, with the Asp making it 2-2 after four legs.

The game continued level for a while with both of the competitors averages rising as the legs went on.

Rob Cross made it 4-3 in the seventh leg, gaining that step closer to the win.

However, "Voltage" Rob Cross couldn't hold onto this advantage due to a 114 checkout from Aspinall which levelled the game at four legs a piece.

Remaining equal up to a deciding leg, a pivotal visit to the board saw Nathan Aspinall take the two points and move into the semi-final against Luke Littler.

The Asp recorded a ton plus average with 102.64 without hitting a maximum in the match.

A disappointing night for Cross which came to a close early on, recording a 98.92 average of his own and failing to get any points in the league table.

Semi Final One - Peter Wright 1-6 Luke Humphries

Humphries opened the first semi-final with ease, gaining an early advantage at 2-0.

Wright got his first leg on the scoreboard not long after.

Cool Hand Luke kept his calm as the game pursued and took a four leg lead following Peter Wright's winning leg.

Taking him into another final, Humphries struck the double eight dominating six legs to one.

Although a bitter taste left in the mouth of Peter Snakebite Wright, a much more promising display from him, recording a 98.87 average with two 180s thrown.

Luke Humphries slightly dropped off in his doubling against Wright, only hitting six out of 13 match darts but still maintaining a ton plus average with 106.66.

Semi Final Two - Luke Littler 3-6 Nathan Aspinall

A strong start for the Asp saw him take the lead in the second semi-final in the Motorpoint Arena.

The match followed the holds of throw throughout the next four legs.

Nathan Aspinall cut this flow in the sixth leg when he made it four legs to two.

A dart in the double 16 saw the Asp get that one step closer to beating Luke the Nuke in the seventh leg, giving him a 5-2 lead with his highest television average.

Drama in the eighth leg got fans on their feet in Nottingham, both players missing multiple visits to the board to finish but Littler just took it by hitting the double two to make it 5-3.

Nathan Aspinall kept his cool in the ninth leg taking him through to the final against the Darts World Champion.

Five 180's and a 104.4 average for Aspinall was what proved to prevail against Luke Littler, who scored a 97.1 average

Final - Nathan Aspinall 3-6 Luke Humphries

Night seven's final was between the winners of the previous two nights; Nathan Aspinall and Luke Humphries.

The World Champion got the first leg on the scoreline with a composed finish into the double eight sector.

Aspinall denied Cool Hand Luke a three leg lead with an important 120 checkout on the back of Humphries missing four match darts at tops.

The fifth leg saw Luke Humphries further his lead in the game, making it 4-1 but the Asp got one back to make it four legs to two.

Nathan Aspinall closed the gap further with a crucial 90 checkout in leg seven.

However this didn't work out for the Asp, with the world number one proving why he has that title and taking the win in Nottingham.

The averages dropped in the final this evening, Humphries recording 95.53 with Nathan Aspinall getting 88.84.

Humphries marks his second Premier League night win and now takes the top spot on the table going into night eight in Dublin next week.

What does the BetMGM Darts Premier League table look like now?

1 Luke Humphries - 17 points

2 Micheal van Gerwen - 15 points

3 Luke Littler - 13 points

4 Nathan Aspinall - 11 points

5 Rob Cross - 11 points

6 Michael Smith - 10 points

7 Gerwyn Price - 5 points

8 Peter Wright - 2 points