Kodaline starts 2020 with a new single: "Wherever you are"
Kodaline's single // Image from Kodaline's Instagram

Kodaline opens 2020 with a new song.

The Irish group led by Steve Garrigan has returned to the scene with the song "Wherever you are"

After a year and a half of silence, Kodaline has come back with a song that does not stray from their line at all. The lyrics talk about support and love for that special person 'wherever you are'. Steve, made it clear that it was inspired by his current partner, whom he missed on every tour.  It is very similar to "Love Will Set You Free", which has a video directed by Courteney Cox, the actress of 'Friends'.

"Wherever you are" is a song with the cheerful theme of songs like "Head Held High" or "Follow Your Fire" but it contains that close and exciting touch of the group. It begins with a chorus, which is very similar to "I Wouldn't Be", their most 'folk' Irish song. Garrigan's classic whispering voice mixes with the acoustic guitar, which gradually merges with different instruments such as the electric guitar or the drums to break up at the last minute. 

Although nothing is clear yet, "Wherever you are" could be the first prelude to a fourth album that is in the making. If so, it appears that Kodaline is still faithful to their style, which ,as has been seen in recent years, has become more 'popish', but, undoubtedly, still sounds like Kodaline. 


Kodaline, a band that moves between the indie style mixed with pop, rock and folk, is an Irish group that was born in Dublin under the name "21 Demands". When they started out in 2005 they were much more rock, more like bands like 'Tokio Hotel' or 'Green Day'. With the song "Give Me a Minute" they became well-known in Ireland. 

Their journey as "21 Demands" lasted until 2012, when the group was renamed to "Kodaline" at the moment of releasing the "The Kodaline EP". With only four songs, Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast, Jason Boland and Vinny May had the best long run they could hope for. The EP was chosen as the album of the week for the BBC, and from it came what until today is the band's hythm: "All I Want". 

"All I Want" is the band's best hit. TV Shows like The Vampire Diaries or Grey's Anatomy (where it was presented) have used this song because of its extremely emotional and sincere component. Kodaline became world-famous because they were chosen, along with singers like Birdy or Ed Sheeran, to contribute to the Original Soundtrack of the film "The Fault in Our Stars".

Kodaline has three studio albums in their history. "In a Perfect World", featuring songs like "High Hopes" (which is in the OST for "Love, Rosie") or "Pray"; "Coming up for air", with songs like "The One" or "Honest"; and the last one, "Politics of Living", released in 2018. The music videos of singles such as "Follow Your Fire" (filmed in Barcelona) or "Shed a Tear" have already received more than ten million views on Youtube

Kodaline's greatest asset is their style and lyrics that hook the listener from the very first minute. Their lyrics are about the day to day life, relationships with people and the world... Kodaline turns life into music. And along with their light but energetic sound, they end up winning over almost seven million loyal listeners on Spotify. 

Kodaline is back with "Wherever you are", and it seems like the beginning of a new era with new music is about to start.