Top 10 most anticipated movies of 2017

2016 has been a great year for cinema with plenty of amazing blockbusters and independent movies to keep everyone happy and 2017 is set to be another stellar year with a list of incredible films set to hit the big screen; here are 10 of the most anticipated films coming next year.

10. Despicable Me 3

2017 will see the return of the popular animation franchise, Despicable Me, after taking a brief detour in 2015 with Minions, Despicable Me 3 will see the focus return to continue the adventures of Gru and his family and after the success of the previous two, the expectations are high for the third installment. Whilst Minions didn't quite deliver at the same level of the previous films in the franchise (although it still grossed over $1 billion), seeing the small yellow companions return to their comedic relief role, where they are best placed, will serve the movie well.

The plot of the movie see's Gru face a new nemesis in the form of Balthazar Bratt, voiced by Trey Parker, who is a former child star of the 80's who hatches a scheme for world domination, something that Gru will attempt to put a stop to. However, Steve Carell's character will have more to deal with than just the films antagonist as Drew, Gru's long-lost identical twin will emerge, also voiced by Carell, in what will be another of the movie's major themes.

9. War for the Planet of the Apes

The third installment of the revamped Planet of the Apes franchise is set to hit the screen next July and if the first two installments are anything to go by, this is going to be a huge blockbuster. Andy Serkis' portrayal of Caeser has been mesmerizing in the last two movies and there is no doubt that he will be the same here, joined by Woody Harrelson the movie will see humans and apes go through, as the title suggests, war.

Following on directly from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Caeser must lead his kind in a battle for their survival with the outcome shaping the earth's future and potentially changing everything we know forever.

8. Kong: Skull Island

King Kong makes a return to the silver screen in 2017 with new movie; Kong: Skull Island. If having the gigantic ape isn't enough for you, well this movie also features Tom Hiddlestone, Samuel L Jackson, John Goodman and many more. A team of soldiers and explorers join forces to venture into the mystical island, scarily unaware of the many monsters that call it home, including one mythical King... King Kong.

Interestingly, Legendary have stated that they are aiming to bring King Kong face to face with another beast in a future movie, Godzilla to be specific, which has left people wondering whether this will tie in with the most recent Godzilla movie towards the end, teasing a potential colossus showdown in the future. Either way, this movie looks fantastic and if it's done on the same level as previous King Kong films then this should be a major hit for 2017.

7. Dunkirk

The combination of this emotionally powerful story and the direction of Christopher Nolan makes Dunkirk one of the most anticipated movies set for release in 2017. Based on the Operation Dynamo that took place on the beaches of Dunkirk this movie is based on real-life events that took place during World War 2, with the Allied soldiers surrounded by the German army, they must escape or face death. It is set to be a gripping film that takes us back to one of histories darkest times and if done right, could be the sleeper hit of the year.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Superhero movies are arguably the most popular genre of films right now, after all, who would have thought people would be so excited about a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel before the first movie was released? A comic book that few were aware of, the first movie was a smash hit and the blend of comedy, music, and action had audiences captivated.

A unique film within the already impressive Marvel Universe, the sequel will now look to expand, not only on the first movie but on the Universe in general as Marvel builds towards its next Avengers film. If this is anything like the first movie, fans are in for a treat and with Marvel seemingly able to do no wrong at this point, we should be in safe hands.

5. Coco

Pixar announce Coco. Photo- Getty Images/
Pixar announce Coco. Photo- Getty Images/Jesse Grant

Pixar has established itself as one of the most reliable movie producers, with fans eagerly awaiting what they will do next. After focusing on expanding their existing movies in recent years with Finding Dory and Monsters University a return to an original idea certainly has fans excited.

Coco will be based on the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, and the story will follow a 12-year-old boy named, Miguel who sets off a chain of events that relate to a century-old mystery all leading to an incredible family reunion. Whilst little is known about this property, the simple fact that it is a Pixar movie is enough to get people anticipating the arrival of Coco.

4. Justice League

As mentioned earlier in the list, superhero movies are all the range right now and there are several slated for released in 2017, but arguably the biggest of those is DC's, Justice League. Unlike the Marvel Universe, DC's attempts to compete with them haven't exactly been met with the same positive response and the pressure to catch up to their rivals is certainly building.

With Justice League, DC has thrown all their eggs into one basket, placing all of their most popular heroes into one movie in a similar way to the Avengers in the hope it will be a success. The comic book and animation series are incredibly popular for this group and it has a lot of fanfare heading in, now it is time to stand and deliver.

3. Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant follows on from Prometheus. Photo- Trailer Addict
Alien: Covenant follows on from Prometheus. Photo- Trailer Addict

The Alien franchise is one of the most popular sci-fi franchises of all time and this sequel to Prometheus continues the prequels towards the original scientific horror movies. Directed by Ridley Scott the movie will feature the likes of James Franco and Michael Fassbender and is sure to have movie fans intrigued about whether it can live up to the original movies.

As the crew of the ship, the covenant, they believe they are heading for a paradise at the other side of the galaxy, only to discover that it is a dark and doomed world with only one 'synth' inhabitant (Fassbender) who happens to be a survivor of the Prometheus mission.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Since announcing that they were set to re-release several of their classic animated movies as live action films, Disney has gone on to produce several great movies including this year's Jungle Book. However, the decision to re-create Beauty and the Beast was always going to be a risky one, due to how beloved the original cartoon is.

A star-studded cast and the beautiful visuals shown in the trailer have got people feeling confident for this one though and it has the potential to be Disney's best live action movie yet. The movie will follow the same classic story but in a slightly more modern fashion with some characters being granted deeper backstories and development and whilst the new look might not be to everyone's taste, hearing the same classic songs will certainly have everyone on the edge of their seat singing along.

1. Star Wars: Episode VIII

Will the force be with episode eight? Photo- DevianArt
Will the force be with episode eight? Photo- DeviantArt

The successful return of the Star Wars franchise has had the entire movie world talking, the prequels now merely an afterthought the incredible response both Force Awakens and Rogue One received have well and truly brought this franchise back.

Well, 2017 brings us our next installment of Star Wars action a return to the main story with episode eight, which will follow on directly from the end of Force Awakens. With the blend of new characters and old working well in the first movie, fans are now eager to see their favorite characters continue on their journey, as well as see an old hero (Luke Skywalker) make an official return.

This movie's details have been kept incredibly quiet, as expected, but bits of information will be sure to sneak out during the build up and the first trailer is sure to bring the internet to a standstill. There can be no doubt that this is the most anticipated movie of 2017, let's just hope it will be another great one.