Dundee vote "Yes" in Scottish Referendum
Dundee votes "Yes" in Scottish Referendum

"Yes City" declares it's support for the "Yes" campaign to tighten the margin in voting.

As expected, SNP stronghold, Dundee, has voted in favour of an independent Scotland tonight, with 53,620 of its voters declaring their support for the "Yes" campaign. The remaining 39,880 registered voters voted in favour of the "Better Together" campaign.

Despite the huge support for the "Yes" campaign in the city, the turn out figures were slightly disappointing in comparison to other constituencies, with 78.8% of the registered voters taking up the opportunity to voice their opinion.

The result in Dundee means that the "No" campaign's lead has been cut to 6,385. The "Yes" campaign currently has 172,426 votes, while the "No" campaign has 178,811.