Government can exploit early Brexit deadline
Christopher Furlong/GettyImages

People are frustrated by the apparent refusal to extend Brexit talks with the European Union. From the eyes of the UK Government, pushing ahead for a Brexit deal makes a lot of sense. 

The Conservatives can blame say that any serious downturn on the economy is a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The world is entering a serious recession and the economic impacts are going to be felt for some time. What better time would there be to whip up a quickfire Brexit deal? 


It is coming at the perfect time for a Government that are more concerned with covering their own back than delivering a successful deal. People who question the timing can be easily batted off. Boris Johnson can simply say he is fulfilling his promise to the British people; people who call him out will be dubbed as bitter Remainers with an agenda. 

Johnson will have a rough summary about what a US trade deal with Donald Trump would look like. In fairness to the Prime Minister, he has to entertain all possible trade deals in order to strengthen Britain's hand against the EU. But a surrender to United States could be brushed under the carpet as the population focuses on getting back to a sense of normality. 

Let's not forget, the Conservatives won a huge majority in December and a lot of that was down to their insistence that Brexit would be quickly finalised. A lot of the electorate believed that Johnson was the only viable candidate to take Britain out of the EU. That won't have changed and it is exactly why Dominic Cummings wasn't given the sack. 

Important advisor

Cummings is a silent genius. He is a man who knows how to gather data and how to best utilise that information. Cummings will be on-hand to aid Brexit negotiations and will then be able to put a positive spin on whatever deal is agreed. He was the main person behind Vote Leave's victory and, consequently, he will be essential in closing the narrative. The people will swallow whatever Cummings wants them to. The biggest success of Cummings was the way that he convinced a majority of voters that the EU was to blame for their discontent. 

How ordinary people were dragged into a war with the EU beggars belief. This was never their war. Now, Brexit is something that must be delivered at any cost. Many people couldn't tell you why. They can only say that is has to happen. Fixed mindsets. The Coronavirus crisis won't change that. The Government could probably label Brexit as a much needed Christmas present after the abomination of a year. 

Blind happiness 

Many of the people will cheer for the Government if they can wrap up Brexit by December. Their patchy performance during this crisis will be quickly forgotten. Journalists and those who are active on Twitter may be holding the Government to account but many simply want to get back to their normal way of life.

That means meeting family and friends. It means going to the pub and watching the football. It means going shopping. It means fulfilling the will of the people. Yes, Brexit has become something that is almost as important as life itself, even if those who are desperate for it to happen cannot explain why. 

Those who are calling for an extension to negotiations with the EU are talking sensibly. They probably voted to Remain but, nonetheless, it would allow the Government more time to focus on an internal recovery plan.

Many Leave voters would probably oppose an extension and that's what the Conservatives will focus on. This is a Government that has been wilting in their response to this crisis and they will want to move on from this as soon as they possibly can. They can use the will of the people as a means of progressing with their own political agenda; some would argue that Vote Leave already did that in 2016!