Inverclyde vote "No" in Scottish Referendum
Inverclyde vote "No" in Scottish Referendum

Inverclyde narrowly declare in favour of the "Better Together" campaign.

The "No" campaign wins in largest constituency to declare so far, with a 0.2% majority.

54,601 turned out for today's Referendum vote, with 27,329 voters ticking the "No" box, while 27,243 voted in favour of an independent Scotland. An impressive 87.4% of registered voters in the council area voted.

This is the most explicit indication so far that Scotland is set to vote against independence. If the "Yes" campagin were to succeed, they, arguably, would have been expected to win these balanced constituencies.

Currently, the "Better Together" is leading the Referendum voting with 55% of the votes, while the "Yes" campaign are behind with 45%. The "Yes" campaign has yet to gain a majority in any of the 5 declared constituencies.