EU LCS Playoffs: H2K take down Fnatic in quarterfinals
LoL Esports

H2K did it, they overthrew the champions. Just one year after a dominant Fnatic went 18-0 in the LCS, and although they lost management pieces, and roster changes, it's the worst year they've had since being in the LCS.

"I didn't know their pick and ban level would decrease so much," said Jankos.

H2K jumped out to a 2-0 series lead, as H2K performed incredibly well against Fnatic. In fact, H2K played so well, it's hard to even start where the issues were for Fnatic.

Going into game 3, with the playoffs on the line for Fnatic, Fnatic went with a more standard composition. They grabbed a couple counterpicks, like Casseopiea against Vladimir, Lucian against Sivir, and Nidalee against Hecarim. One of the main keys for H2K is to get through the laning phase, and teamfight heavily with their Shen/Hec combo.

Match Breakdown

Early game featured a ton of action. H2K's Jankos snagged first blood on Febiven in mid lane, and while Fnatic answered well later on getting a kill, H2K just kept firing as Jankos came down and dove bot lane. H2K grabbed first blood and first tower as well as 5 early kills against a team composition in Fnatic that was supposed to be dominant in the early game in laning phase.

Fnatic did manage to make a proactive play that led to a kill and tower but H2K just stormed back. Jankos' Hecarim and Shen combo is an immediate kill when he wants to 1v1 someone. Fnatic managed to grab a baron at the cost of two players, and looked in a good position to actually make more proactive plays going forward but it didn't happen. H2K kept up the pressure until Fnatic just cracked.

H2K completely dominated Fnatic in all aspects all series, leading to a 3-0 sweep from H2K.