MSI 2016: SK Telecom T1 drop to Counter Logic Gaming, third loss in two days
LoL Esports

North America has done it. Counter Logic Gaming have beaten SK Telecom T1 on day 3 of MSI. After trailing by just a little bit nearly the whole match, CLG pull out the win with a huge teamfight that left four members of their team still alive and enough to push down mid lane. Stixxay even died in the final teamfight but Huhi was peeled for insanely well inside the baron pit to pull out the win in the teamfight.

"Ranged supports aren't as bad as people make them out to be. I think the west, Adrian, Matt, and myself definitely have their place in the meta. This game, we were against Braum, Ekko, and Leblanc, which makes Janna very viable," Aphromoo said, following CLG's huge win.

After losing their third game in a row, SK Telecom did not look like the team they came into being feared as the World Champs.

"We weren't afraid at all," said Huhi.

The main thing for SKT in this matchup was their idea from their team composition was so off and out of sorts. They ran a double TP comp, in which Faker ran TP onto Leblanc, but they kept running in and teamfighting head on with CLG who had an Azir, Ekko, and Lucian making it utter madness. No flanks used with their TP, it was really poorly executed by SK Telecom.

Now, this tournament is wide open. RNG currently sit in first, but this tournament is more open than anyone could have expected. It's a really intriguing thing to come into MSI. It will be very interesting going forward how much this win pushed CLG into success this tournament, as well as how much the struggle of SKT will carry further into MSI. At this point, it's all about survival for SK Telecom.

For a VOD of the match, view here: