Team 8 Calitrlolz Retirement, Plus AMA

If you don't know how Team 8's Calitrlolz is, then you should look him up. Calitrlolz was the top-laner for Team who a year ago gave a promise to play 1 year of competitive gaming then head back to school. 

"That is pretty much what I am going to do and that’s why I’m retiring. I’m not retiring because I’m getting kicked out or I’m not going to be as good as any other top laner — it's not like that. I am probably going to be relevant in competitive and could still be Top 5 at least. I am just retiring because I made my own promise to myself and my parents and fans that I would be going back to school in a year after a year of competitive play. So yes, I will be going back to school."

Calitrlolz' team faced relegations and had to take on Team Imagine last weekend to avoid that. Although Calitrlolz was retiring he had to help Team 8 get into the Spring 2016 LCS. He had one job left to do and he did it. Team 8 received an LCS berth by knocking off Imagine 3-1 and will be in the mix next year. Calitrlolz did an AMA for the fans on Reddit and a makeup of all the questions and answers were documented. 

What has been the most valuable thing you have learned from your LCS career?

Teamwork, communication, and dedication!

Do you have any advice for any young players wanting to join the LCS?

For reasonable timeline. If you want to go Pro within a year, you should at least be high Diamond right now. If you have played the game for more than two years and you are lower than Diamond. Unless you magically have time to play League 24/7, it is very unlikely to reach LCS caliber since LCS players already play 12-15hrs a day. Catching up would be really hard. Sorry to break dreams :(

How do you feel about Nien going to china for a bootcamp? Should dodo go too so they can duoQ and synergize more?

He feels strongly about improving and is really harsh on himself when we lose. One of the most dedicated pro-player I've played with and seen. I think it is great to see such dedication. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone to just go out to train is really admirable. I do not think Dodo is going to go. It would be nice though :)

Will you be helping in the search for a new top laner? Are you going to go for someone who has experience or just soloq?

We are looking at whatever we can. We definitely prefer more experienced player because it means he/she already has had experience working as a team. I have not found an exceptional NA soloQ player that pleased me. We are looking both NA and abroad!

How has History Teachers coaching been? Did it reach the expectations he had set when he did his video explaining why he would be a good coach?

Chad (Historyteacher) has been really excellent addition to our team. Only thing I'd say he lacked was thorough knowledge of competitive League in the beginning of coaching. However, he started to easily soak a lot of League knowledge and able to make our team discussion a lot more healthy. It was especially easier to talk with him since he was already a Master player in League. He was exceptionally friendly and fun to be around and thoughtful: a great friend, mentor, coach, and just a genuine person. Very mature, as you can tell from his looks (he is only 24. o_O I thought he was at least 30 xD) What we most lacked with Matt (our previous coach) was being ASSertive and forcing people to do stuff. With his teaching experience, Chad was very forceful when needs be. Which was what we really needed to be focused in training. Awesome job. Sincere apology to him for doubting at first because I thought he was just randomer. Much appreciation and thanks to my friend and coach Chad! <3

Given Cris' dominance over the challenger series, it seems from my perspective there haven't really been any new NA challenger tops cropping up. Are there any challenger tops you think could take that step to become LCS worthy?

Honestly speaking, I think compared to other regions, NA lacks the most talent in the top lane, including myself. I think there is very few I can think of top of my head that is ready but can be through team training!

What happened to slooshi?

His mother was sick, so he took a small break. He realized how much fun it is to just party and drink. He went back to his party habitat and Goldenglue is our main now that Slooshi doesn't seem interested in coming back. He still comes around to the house every two weeks or so to hang out with us :D

Does the team currently have their eyes on a specific top laner?

Not yet.. we have to discuss how we will do our tryout. Close/Open. NA/international

Favorite off meta pick that you have played?

Favorite off meta pick was Khazix back when he was OP.

Most memorable moment with the team?

My first big lan event Texas Lonestar Clash 2 is what kept the team keep going towards LCS and had most fun with :)

What do you want to change in toplane?

2v1 :(

What was your favorite moment with T8?

*Every week has been a blessing but LCS promotion tourney and Texas Lone Star Clash were the most memorable. Fan interaction <3 *

What happened to you playing carry top laners throughout this season?

Addition of more vocal coach HistoryTeacher and also loss of confidence in myself. Slooshi was rather more careless about what I played top. He would be down for anything LOL so i was more open to play others before we had to take Goldenglue. He really likes Maokai Gnar. I don't :3

How did you come up with your name?

It came originally from my fondness of california, california rolls, and my school University of California Berkeley (it is called CAL, since it was the first public University in California)

What champ did you really want to play but never got the chance to in LCS?

Malphite before it became meta recently.

Best Jungler you have ever faced?

Recently, shrimp impressed me quite a bit. So Shrimp in NA! :)

How long will it take you to finish pharm. school? How was your overall experience in T8 and in the competitive scene in general?

4 year curriculum. T8 was Gr8 M8! Couldn't really have asked for more. T8 house feels more at home than my actual home now :O except that my mom cooks for me good food

Are you quitting League for good or just competitive? Will you still?

Competitive for now. I won't have much time to stay up in challenger during school but maybe casual game and :)

If you could do it all over again what minor thing would you change in your LCS career if anything?

I'm not a person who likes to regret things I've done. But I definitely could've worked harder than I have put in. And I really wish I become more skilled in listening than talking. I need to listen to people more. So improving my comm!

What off meta champion would you like to see more of and why?

Good ole trlol teeto

Favourite champ that you couldnt play in lcs?

Khazix :( he was the most fun champ to play as in the top lane